Back pain is a fairly common complaint among different population groups. Elderly, convalescent, pregnant, injured… At some point in our lives, it is almost likely that we suffer from this disease. Today we present some natural alternatives to treat back pain.

Only those who have returned to the doctor’s office over and over again for this problem know how frustrating it can be to seek treatment for this problem. However, today we have compiled a series of measures to treat back pain. Of course, they should be understood only as support for the doctor’s instructions.

The usual treatment that doesn’t always work

In cases where other treatments don’t work, some doctors may recommend spinal fusion as a solution to bothersome back pain, but its effectiveness is only 25% and sometimes it only adds to disability.

The direct consequence is that the patient must take a large number of drugs to lighten the pain in the lower back. Over time, problems such as drug tolerance or addictions can be reached.

Most effective natural alternatives against back pain

There are better ways to treat back pain that increase in effectiveness if you avoid a sedentary lifestyle or lose weight when you are obese. These are some options available to anyone.


The stretches are a great alternative as we age to improve our health. You should look for stretches that benefit the legs and the base of the back to lighten the tension that accumulates in that area. In addition, it is ideal to add a stretching routine to the daily sports routine.

Natural alternatives to treat back pain


Some types of exercises or sports that train strength and build muscle will help prevent back pain. Sit-ups and squats are a good example. You just have to be careful to do them correctly to prevent the problem from getting worse or hurting another area of ​​the back or shoulders.

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Japanese-massage1, to treat back pain

A good therapist will know where the problems lie within 10 seconds of starting the massage  – if it is a problem related to the posterior muscles. Once they identify the situation they will be able to provide great relief by working in the area with the most convenient massage.

Some diseases, such as Parkinson’s, must be treated from the beginning. In fact, if the patient visits a physical therapist from the beginning of the disease, it can improve his motor ability. That is why we must take into account the great work that these professionals do.


Many low back pain problems stem from a lack of flexibility in the central area and one yoga session per week can reduce back pain. So be well informed. Surely there is a yoga center very close to where you live.

Natural alternatives to treat back pain


One of the causes of chronic back pain is, in fact, that the spine is out of alignment.  Something very common and that we rarely stop to think. To find out if this is the problem you can visit a chiropractor who will be in charge of correctly aligning the spine.

Try one or more methods

The first methods are very useful when you only have accumulated stress or fatigue on your back. However, a visit to the chiropractor is recommended when it comes to chronic and more specific pain.

Using two of the methods, the discomfort may go away in just a few days. For example, you can try yoga once a week and stretching twice a week. This also allows identifying the points with the greatest discomfort and that need more specific treatment.

To finish, we remember that it is essential that you visit the specialist doctor at first discomfort or pain. These tips should be taken as a general guideline within a healthy lifestyle framework. In no case do they substitute the indications or the medication.