nanatyx captivates us with her schoolgirl Nezuko cosplay

nanatyx captivates us with her schoolgirl Nezuko cosplay

As is customary on our site, we return once again with an interesting cosplay of the beloved Nezuko, Tanjiro Kamado’s sister in Demon slayerThere will be slight spoilers, so if you are not up to date with the plot of the anime, we recommend that you stop reading.

Recently in the anime of Demon slayer we have seen the brave Tanjiro face the sensual but imposing Daki, one of the moons of higher rank, while the poor Nezuko she continues to be shaken on her brother’s back as she takes refuge in her box. However, Tanjiro has already saved her to continue his fight against the reckless Daki.

It is no news that Nezuko He has gained incredible fame alongside his demon hunter brother. However, Nezuko has suffered a curse since the beginning of its history and fans have known very little of Nezuko’s life prior to his unfortunate demonic transformation.

But now, this cosplay of Naty, also known as nanatyx on Instagram, helps us give us an idea of ​​what Nezuko would look like in a more normal life. Naty’s cosplay is based on a version imagined by the Nezuko fandom through fan art. Her design shows her dressed in a high school uniform, that is why she was named the Nezuko schoolgirl.

Naty looks great in this real life version of the Nezuko schoolgirl, and his followers are delighted with this more normal version of Nezuko that many of us would like to see in the anime of Demon slayer. However, we will have to wait for this story to end to see the outcome of poor Nezuko. If you liked this cosplay, do not hesitate to follow Naty on her social networks, as she has many other interpretations of beloved characters from the anime.

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