“My my… South Countess”; real estate audacity to sell Tacubaya

“My my… South Countess”;  real estate audacity to sell Tacubaya

The digital world has taken over many industries in the world, especially to increase sales of a product or service, so using new strategies to position the brand are still the best tools of these. It is the case of a trend that has now become viral on social networks, where real estate agencies baptized Tacubaya as “South Countess” to sell their proposals in this area of ​​Mexico City.

According to data from a recent report by We Are Social and Hootsuite, it revealed that there are currently 4.62 billion network users worldwide, which represents a year-on-year growth of more than 10 percent.

The study also revealed that the number of users of Social media now equates to more than 58 percent of the world’s total population.

After registering this figure, it is normal for brands to use social networks to promote their products or services, so they must implement new strategies to draw the attention of your customers to the point of going viral in this digital world.

Tacubaya or Countess South?

Through a trend that is registered in social networks, it was announced that now real estate companies in Mexico City have changed the name of Tacubaya to Condesa Surwith the idea of ​​making the area more attractive for sales.

“Spacious and well-lit Loft in Condesa Sur, Miguel Hidalgo, 68566”says the publication of the real estate Homie.

@ruckysolis #countess #sightseeing #cdmx #airbnb ♬ original sound – Ricardo Solís

Before the publication, the digital pulse mocked the creativity of real estate companies to sell more of their properties in that area, while others They did not like the deception that these companies make in their descriptions.

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Likewise, other Internet users explained that these advertisements have become common after some real estate companies sell in Tacubaya, for which prices have increased, for the deception of selling it as “South Countess”a name that has stuck among the well-known whitexicans and even foreigners who live in CDMX.

While other Internet users gave the example of how the real estate market has used the “Countess” to give a “plus” to places like the Roma Corridor Condesa-Roma, Escandón to Condesa-Centro.

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