My Legacy, the system designed to give order to your life

My Legacy, the system designed to give order to your life

To do?

The idea is not only to have these services that support us, our loved ones and our heritage. Ideally, our loved ones know how to act and where to find our important documentation in the face of any unforeseen event.

That’s what My Legacy is for, the tool that will help you keep all your important information updated, in one place and available whenever you need it. Thanks to its perfectly designed sections, you can have control of your important documents.

It is very easy to use, for example, in the Financial Information section you can register your bank accounts, from credit and debit cards, to your retirement savings, investments, savings funds, among others.

While in the Assets and Possessions section you can register and enter the deeds of your house, your car, if you have an apartment; you can even register jewelry, paintings, sculptures and more. Here you can also attach or point to where your car bills or possession certificates are located.

In the same way you can enter your insurance policies, so in case something happens to you, your loved ones will know where to find the information and will be able to act quickly. Just remember to notify one of your loved ones that your information is in My Legacy.