The newsletters They are one of the oldest tools on the web and have remained in force despite great technological changes. And, while they never stopped being used, they have recently revitalized their popularity thanks to greater integration with social networks. In fact, Twitter and Facebook have gotten into this turf with Revue and Bulletin, respectively. However, they are not the only large companies to have their eye on this issue. Google doesn’t want to be left out either, and that’s why has created Museletter, your own platform newsletters powered by Google Drive.

The project is in charge of Area 120, Google’s Research and Development division. It is worth clarifying that it is an early development and that not yet available to the public, although the details that have come to light They are very interesting. What’s more, if the Mountain Viewers go ahead with this proposal, they have the potential to radically change not just the creation and distribution of newslettersbut also the way your online office tools are used.

That Museletter depends on Google Drive opens up a very interesting range of options. The initiative behind this platform proposes that users create a public profile in the cloud storage service, and that they save the documents to share there. Thus, the people who subscribe to the newsletters staying in this service will have access to newsletters published in different formats.

For example, one day the publication can be done as a text document; but the next day the content can be shared on slides, or as a spreadsheet. The options are really wide and go hand in hand with the versatility of Google Drive.

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‘Museletter’, with its newsletters based on Google Drive, will also allow monetization

Another important aspect is that Museletter will allow creators to earn money. According to the service itself newsletters, users will be able to establish paid subscriptions for the public to access the content that is published. It is worth noting that the platform based on Google Drive will be free, although the Californian firm plans to incorporate “Premium features” such as custom domains and welcome emails.

In addition to publishing in Museletter, it will be allowed to share the newsletters through email lists; even those generated in third-party services. Without a doubt, Google has a very interesting possibility on its hands to break the mold of today’s newsletters.

Anyway, it is not yet known when the newsletters based on Google Drive. As we said at the beginning, the project is in an experimental phase, although those interested they can request early access from the website.