Ms. Marvel reveals curious Back to the Future easter egg

Ms. Marvel reveals curious Back to the Future easter egg

Time travel had calmed down in Marvel since Avengers: Endgame, but now Ms Marvelseems to want to take them back, and does so with a touch of references, due to a curious easter egg that is directly from 1985, since the original Marvel Studios series.

Which has been full of references to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so they not only come from kamala khan (Iman Vellani), Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel fangirl, but now, we’re talking about a reference from Bruno.

Yes, BrunoKamala’s best friend who is played by Matt Lintz, who does not have super powers, but has a great brain and wears an outfit similar to that of Marty McFly of Michael J. Fox in the film Back to the Future from 1985, this was during episode 2 of Ms. Marvel, called Crushed, where Bruno who doesn’t seem to mind showing his geek side, wears a life jacket and clothes similar to the iconic outfit worn by the time traveling protagonist of the trilogy.

So just like in the movie, a 1985 sci-fi comedy based on your relatable high school hero referencing pop culture icons at the height of Star Trek, Star Wars and Clint Eastwood, now Ms. Marvel tells us the story of a teenager discovering her new powers and who is pushed into extraordinary circumstances that lead her to great adventures inside and outside her country.

Now, it remains to be seen what other references and easter eggs the Marvel and Disney + series could have, since they seem to have managed to capture the attention of the younger Marvel followers, we will see what else it has to offer to the fandom.

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