Ms. Marvel Creator Nervous Over Reaction To Upcoming Episode

Ms. Marvel Creator Nervous Over Reaction To Upcoming Episode

The latest series from Marvel Studios, Ms Marvelhas its co-creator Sana Amanat very nervous, as she does not know how the fans will react to the next episode of the Disney + series, even during an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the executive producer shared her thoughts on what is coming in Episode 5, and in a few words, Amanat said, “we take some risks.

And it is that we remember, about some of our favorite programs and their outstanding episodes, very rarely come from action entries in the series, that is to say the exits that really go for everything, tend to be engraved in the hearts and minds of the spectators much more easily, that is why now that Kamala found in the return to Partition should elicit some major emotional reactions from Ms. Marvel fans:

Sana Amanat, co-creator and producer of Ms. Marvel

“I’m glad you picked up on that observation. I was like, ‘Are people going to get that or not?’ Ultimately, this is a story about identity. How do you understand your identity without understanding what home is and what home means to you? The clandestines are an interesting contrast in that sense, because you’re talking about displaced people, and then there are these people and that’s how they interpret their displacement. There’s a much bigger metaphor there and I want to see what people think about it.”

“I’m really interested in the post-closing conversations about this whole show. Because it’s so layered, you’re talking about the South Asian character, but you’re also talking about a Muslim character. So I think we intentionally tried to tell a story of what it means when you lose your home and how you try to create a new one.

“I mean, it’s what Kamala’s parents did. They came to a new country, they created a home for themselves here. And yet, Kamala feels that she doesn’t understand what that means. So there are certainly a lot of parallels and very intentionally so.”

“The next episode is going to be interesting. Full disclosure, it’s the episode that makes me the most nervous. I think it’s really cool, but we took some risks with that episode. So, I’m curious how people are going to respond to it.”concluded the producer.

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