Movies to reflect on health

Movies to reflect on health

Do you like topics related to health? Then this list of movies is ideal for you.

Movies to reflect on health

Last update: 22 January, 2022

The cinema is an excellent form of entertainment. But nevertheless, it is also an appropriate tool for learning and fostering reflection. This art has the ability to touch the emotions of viewers and make them imagine various situations, as well as sensitize them to specific issues. In this article you will find movies to reflect on health.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease. In this way, having health is one of the greatest desires of humanity.

On the other hand, when there is no health, people face a series of complex physical and emotional challenges. In fact, many times health is not valued until when the disease is faced in their own flesh or by being close to a loved one.

Here are some films that tell us about doctors, people who suffer from physical or mental illnesses and, in general, about stories about the importance of health.

Always Alice

This outstanding production is a drama directed by Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland, starring Julianne Moorehey with the participation of the famous Alec Baldwin Y Kristen Stewart. She was the winner of several awards, especially in categories related to leading performance.

It tells the story of a renowned psychologist, a professor at Harvard University, who is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. From that moment, his way of relating to the world and his loved ones changes completely.

This is a sentimental movie tells us about the difficulties of receiving a diagnosis that completely changes life, as well as the complexity of the decisions that can be made.

Alzheimer’s disease is one of those diagnoses that modifies the entire vital structure of the patient and their relatives.

patch Adams

This film, directed by Tom Shadyac, has become a classic that has touched the hearts of many generations. It is a dramatic comedy tells us the story of a doctor who turns medicine around to make it more human and have a positive relationship with the patient, putting the state of mind as a key factor in recovery.

This is the true story of the father of the laughter therapy, an American doctor known for his activism in creating more pleasant spaces for people in hospitals. In a interview with the newspaper El Mundo noted the following: “I don’t know of a single disease that can be cured with seriousness. What heals the most is love, humor and creativity”.

The father

This is a 2020 movie directed by Florian Zeller. It is a psychological drama that tells the story of an 80-year-old man named anthony, played by Anthony Hopkins, who has a strong personality and rejects the caretakers his daughter, played by Olivia Colman, hires for him.

This man is gradually having more effects of Alzheimer’s disease. That’s how is disconnected from reality. His daughter faces many dilemmas in the face of the responsibility of taking care of him. The film was nominated for 6 Oscars and won in two categories: Best Actor and Best Adapted Screenplay.

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the doctor

This German film, directed by Philipp Stölzl, is a film adaptation of the historical novel of the same name written by Noah Gordon. It tells the story of Rob Cole, played by Tom Payne, a boy who is orphaned because his mother dies of a strange disease.

This event motivates him to study medicine and go to Persia to learn from the wise Ibn Sina, who will teach you the mysteries of the human body. Is a film set in the 11th century.

Miracle hands

This biographical production, directed by Thomas Carter, tells the story of Ben Carlson, a neurosurgeon with a history of overcoming. This doctor has a difficult childhood and life that leads him to overcome multiple obstacles.

One day he faces a separation surgery for two babies joined by their heads. This delicate intervention represents a key point for its existence; there is serious risk in the life of both patients.

The doctor

The doctor is a 1991 American film directed by Randa Haines, based on the book by Dr. Edward Rosenbaum: A Taste Of My Own Medicine. It is the story of Jack MacKee, a doctor who experiences situations that make him have a transformation in his vision of life, health, illnesses and interpersonal relationships. Definitely, It is one of the best films to reflect on health.

Anne’s decision

This is a drama that allows us to reflect on the complicated decisions of bioethics. The film directed by Nick Cassavetes tells the story of a couple who have a daughter diagnosed with a serious illness. So, they decide to have another daughter through assisted reproduction so that she is genetically compatible with her sister and can become her donor.

This girl who donates blood and marrow to her sister with leukemia decides to take her parents to court when she turns 11, in order to become medically emancipated. In this way, we are faced with complicated reflections on dilemmas that are difficult to face.

100 meters

This emotional film tells the story of a man who is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and is told by his doctor that he will never be able to walk again. But nevertheless, he copes with his diagnosis and is able to complete a triathlon test Against the odds of everyone around him.

Patients with multiple sclerosis have severe neurological problems that evolve unfavorably over time.


This film, directed by Julio Medem and starring Penélope Cruz, tells the story of a teacher named Magda who is diagnosed with breast cancer. After this diagnosis, decides to make changes in his life to fill it with vitality and optimism. In this way, it is a production that shows us the possibility of being happy, even in difficult times.

Untouchable friends

This is a fun French comedy that tells the story of two people from completely different backgrounds who they become friends and help each other grow. One of them is a quadriplegic aristocrat and the other an African migrant.

In addition to being one of the films that allows us to reflect on health, it also humorously shows us a true story of a person with a disability and his approach to life and relationships.

Also enjoy documentaries

Movies to reflect on health are usually very entertaining and offer us stories that trap us. For this reason they are so suitable for generating empathy or learning about different topics.

However, if you want to explore more about health and the human body, You can also choose to consult documentaries. There will be a more scientific perspective on diseases and their coping.

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