The Expansion Pack for the Nintendo switch Online is now available. While the main issue that many are currently facing is the quality of the emulation, other people are complaining about the lack of titles at the moment. Fortunately, A data miner has pointed out that, at least, we will see 38 games of N64 and 52 of SEGA Genesis.

According to information found by the user known as MondoMega, Nintendo supposedly intends to add 38 N64 games and 52 SEGA Genesis games in the future. There are currently only nine N64 titles and 14 SEGA Genesis titles. At the moment there is no talk about more experiences for SNES and NES.

At the moment Nintendo has confirmed that games like Banjo-Kazooie, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, Paper Mario, Kirby: The Crystal Shards and F-Zero X they will come to this service in an unspecified future. Considering the great support the N64 received from Rare, it will be interesting how many of these titles will be available through this medium.

In related topics, users report problems with the emulation of N64 games. Similarly, Nintendo has renewed the license of Super mario land and more classic games.


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The problem is not the number of titles, many hope that the list will eventually expand. However, the quality of the emulated games, as well as the online service in general, is something that needs to be improved so that the price is valid for more than one person.

Via: MondoMega

More than 30 N64 games coming to the Switch

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