More MultiVersus Characters Leaked, Pickle Rick, LeBron and More

More MultiVersus Characters Leaked, Pickle Rick, LeBron and More

MultiVersus is a fighting game that pits multiple characters from different Warner Bros. IPs against each other in a similar fashion to Super Smash Bros. Since the release of Super Smash, several games have attempted to recreate the successful formula, including Brawlhalla and Nickelodoen All-Star. Star Brawl with varying success.

Multi Versus is the latest platform fighting game, which has piqued the interest of fans considering the amount of IP that Warner Media controls and can use in the game. DC superheroes Finn and Jake from Adventure Time and Shaggy from Ultra Instinct are part of the game’s diverse roster so far.

last weekend, Multi Versus released a closed alpha for fans to play before the open beta coming in July, and they’ve already been trying to figure out what additional characters will be added to the roster. Recently, MultiVersus has revealed some new additions to its catalog. So far, the characters have been revealed in trailers and other official releases. However, now a bunch of new fighters could have been revealed through the game files.

The alleged new additions have been compiled in a post on reddit, and some of the alleged fighters may come as a surprise to fans. Pickle Rick is one of the supposedly leaked characters, added alongside another character and meme, Ultra Instinct Shaggy.

Also, it’s possible that LeBron James could make his way into the game, which would make some sense given the basketball player’s inclusion in Space Jam.