More electric vehicles in Mexico, what is missing to make them a reality?

More electric vehicles in Mexico, what is missing to make them a reality?

According to an analysis by the consulting firm JD Power, the main reason why people do not buy an electric vehicle is because they consider that the charging stations are few.

Added to this is the price of the units. For buyers, the costs are still high compared to internal combustion vehicles, so that, if they were cheaper, they would evaluate them as an option.

The lack of infrastructure also translates into a shortage of service centers available for repair in case of any failure, because being a mobility alternative different from the usual one, they have in mind that the spare parts could be more expensive compared to traditional vehicles.

The consultant’s analysis indicates that 39% of Mexicans are willing to buy a hybrid vehiclewhile only 15% would be made of a fully electric vehicle.

In the segment of electrified vehicles, the brand that sells the most units in Mexico is Toyota, which has an offer of five models, followed by KIA, with one model; Ford with three, and Hyundai and Honda with one model each.

José Zozaya, president of the Mexican Association of the Automotive Industry (AMIA), which brings together more than 20 companies in the sector, considers that a strategy focused on consumers is necessary, with supports that encourage its commercialization so that electrification in Mexico is underpinned with greater force.

“The automotive sector and all the technology are going there, with or without Mexico, so it is better that we get our batteries up to be up to the challenge,” warns the industry representative. “What we have seen is that the volumes of sales are low, but the percentages increase significantly, up to 100% from one year to the next”, he asserts.

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