more armor options for female characters

more armor options for female characters

Lost Arkthe game from South Korea, developed in 2019, which has recently arrived in America and Europe through AmazonGamesa title that has been widely accepted even with the long waiting lines that it has generated in the European zone, and that has recently been in the midst of a series of online debates, about the popular MMORPGdidn’t provide enough options for its female characters, and promised to correct that discontent, and has delivered.

You see, it all started when Lost Ark arrived in America last month after spending time abroad, where he set new records for simultaneous players in Steamand everything was going great, but when some of their western players started making comments about the game having outdated female representation, so ever since then, players have expressed their disappointment online, pointing out the limited and scantily clad clothing options of the game.

Adding that the animations were aggressive and that her way of walking, more than feminine, seemed only to unbalance her hips, due to the exaggeration of her movements, for which smilegateThe game’s developer acknowledged the criticism in a blog post last year, but, more surprisingly, has followed up those comments with more comments in 2022 as well.

Then, Soomin Parkthe franchise leader in AmazonGamesrecently told Eurogamer that future updates are being made to fix issues like the game’s gender-locked classes, which only allow men to wield swords and women to be mages.

“Classes are closely tied to their character models in terms of function and animation, so bringing opposite gender characters into a class requires more work than simply making a different gender model available”said Park to Eurogamer.

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Park told Eurogamer that Lost Ark “would make adjustments”and those tweaks wouldn’t involve altering the outfits to make them less revealing, as that decision is because I wanted to balance the experience for the “hardcore fans” and the players in America.