Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is the new proposal of the RPG spin-off of the acclaimed Capcom saga, which will turn the tables by putting us in the shoes of a Rider, who, instead of hunting monsters, tames them and fight together with them. It was on July 9, 2021 when the title hit the market for both Nintendo Switch and PC. And it seems that nothing has gone bad in all this time.

One million copies sold in less than 2 weeks

It has recently been revealed, making use of the official Monster Hunter social networks, what Monster Hunter Stores 2: Wings of Ruin has surpassed one million copies sold. This is something that has been found in the aforementioned account, as you can see in the tweet that we leave you below, where the news has been shared with an art with the main protagonists of the Capcom title:

It seems obvious to think that part of the success of the title is derived from the weight that Capcom has given to its advertising and marketing campaign, since, as happened with Monster Hunter Rise, the title had a demo during the month of June, which undoubtedly should have encouraged many to make the final leap towards this spin-off.

Similarly, the great weight of Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wing of Ruin It is not only based on his past actions, but also on future ones, since it has been revealed that the title will feature various post-launch content that will expand on the already known adventure.

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Be that as it may, the only data that has not yet been revealed is that percentage of that million copies sold belongs to Nintendo Switch and which part corresponds to the PC, since both versions were released on the same day. Be that as it may, however, there is no doubt that the real winners here have ended up being the Monster Hunter fans.

▪ Release date: 07/09/2021