Monster Hunter Rise launch trailer on Steam

Monster Hunter Rise launch trailer on Steam

The franchise of Monster hunter is one of the most successful for Capcom, thanks to its highly addictive gameplay that causes its fans to dedicate hundreds of hours to each game. Monster hunter rise It is the latest release, which arrived on the Nintendo Switch last year and is due to be released on PC tomorrow, January 12, since will be available on Steam.

Capcom announced the port of Monster Hunter Rise for PC several months ago, introducing the final version of the game thanks to graphics and performance improvements, such as the 4K resolution, high-quality textures, unlimited frames per second, and mouse and keyboard support. Check out the launch trailer for Monster Hunter Rise on Steam below.

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Even if Monster Hunter Rise is about to premiere on Steam, the game remains a Nintendo Switch exclusive on consoles. Unfortunately the Nintendo Switch and Steam versions will not have cross-play, as Capcom said it was not possible since October last year. However, they did not download to add these features with a future update.

Monster Hunter Rise is coming to Steam tomorrow with all the content that has reached the Nintendo Switch version, as well as some extra functions such as ultra-wide resolution and various customization options. If you want to try Monster Hunter Rise on PC to see if your computer can handle it, you can download a free demo on Steam.

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The launch trailer for Monster Hunter Rise in its Steam version It also reveals that the game will have some special filters, among which we saw the black and white, sepia, Japanese style and film, among others. In this way, Capcom boasts that Monster Hunter Rise looks more vibrant than ever on its PC version.