Monark released its first trailer along with its initial release date during the month of June of this year (although it would later be delayed). This stood out from the beginning thanks to the similarities that users found with the saga Shinmegami Tensei, and is that this title is being developed by former developers of this famous saga.

Since then, the desire of the players to know more has grown exponentially, and now they have finally been quenched. To be more precise, in the trailer that we have received we can meet the characters that they will accompany us during our adventure through the Otherworld.

To the rhythm of a soundtrack that will remind you of the saga Shinmegami Tensei we see these characters pass one after another. In this way we can know their name, character design and the capital sin they represent.

There is less left for us to enjoy it

Monark It is scheduled to launch in the first months of next year 2022, although the exact date has not yet been specified. We also know that we will receive versions for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Despite not knowing yet a release date for this title can already be booked on your own website. In it we can also take an overview of all the details shown since its announcement, including the allied characters shown in this very recent trailer.