Everything is ready for the MOGY 2021 celebration. The Mobility, Sustainability, Home and Smart City Fair will take place from September 24 to 26. An event in which numerous activities and debates will take place. Discover what to see and what to do in a leading event in the field of urban and sustainable mobility.

The MOGY 2021 is about to open its doors. The so-called Fair for Mobility, Sustainability, Home and Smart City, will be held on the days September 24, 25 and 26 in the 45,000 square meters of Las Rozas Fairground, in the Community of Madrid. An event that will be divided into four exhibiting areas. Each of them will be dedicated to an axis around which the fair revolves: Mobility, Sustainability, Home and Smart City.

Mobility and sustainability will have a really leading role. And it is that we must take into account this new paradigm in which we find ourselves. Urban mobility is changing rapidly and the automotive industry must respond to the new demands of citizens. The ways in which we move around cities are different from those of not many years ago and sustainability is very present.

The electric car will have a leading role at the MOGY 2021 Fair

Admission to MOGY 2021 is free

One of the keys that make this event an ideal activity to enjoy with the family is that the entrance is totally free. However, due to the COVID protocol that will be implemented, the organization recommends making a prior reservation for entry through the organization itself. event website.

The schedule of the MOGY Fair 2021

The areas of the MOGY 2021 Fair

The event will be divided into four areas called Mobility, Sustainability, Home and Smart City. We list below how they are characterized and, therefore, what we can see in each of them:

  • Mobility. Know and test the latest developments in passenger cars and commercial vehicles with the ECO label and 0 Emissions from the DGT. There will also be space for motorcycles and electric bicycles, scooters, car sharing platforms, motorcycle sharing, etc …
  • Sustainability. An area to learn about CSR projects and sustainable innovation or eco-innovation, technology platforms oriented to sustainability and much more.
  • Home. In this area we will find efficient home automation solutions, sustainable energy systems in the home, electric vehicle charging systems in the home, low consumption appliances and without programmed obsolescence.
  • Smart city. It is a space dedicated to the smart city and will house technological solutions such as charging systems, sustainable urban transport, parking with remote space reservation, efficient management of public resources, traffic density control or intelligent autonomous signage.
Las Rozas Fairground
The MOGY 2021 Fair will take place at the Las Rozas Fairgrounds

What to do at the MOGY 2021 Fair

Beyond the four areas previously described in which the event will be divided, at MOGY 2021 there will be a testing area, activities for families and food trucks. In addition, the Las Rozas City Council and Las Rozas Innova have confirmed that they will have a stand open to the public and full of activities. There, the project of the City Council and the Municipal Innovation Company will be presented to the public to make Las Rozas a sustainable and smart city from different axes: Mobility, Environment, Smart City or Education.

Las Rozas and Las Rozas Innova stand programming

This stand will also be a meeting point for neighbors, visitors, entrepreneurs, businessmen and representatives of the educational community and of all those who are interested in knowing, participating and connecting with the Las Rozas project to achieve the goal of zero emissions. It will be located in the Smart City area.