Mix the first generation starter Pokémon with Venom and the result is magnificent

Mix the first generation starter Pokémon with Venom and the result is magnificent


Sony movies aside, the truth is that Venom and the symbiotes are a symbol in Marvelthereby giving rise to many versions of comic book characters as if they had been possessed by the symbiote, be it Venom, Toxin, Carnage or any other that has appeared on the pages of the comics.

In that sense, something that unites Pokémon with Marvel is the fact of adapting one of its creatures to the rest, being so many times we have been able to see, for example. stuffed animals of all the Pokémon with Ditto’s face, as well as with the costume of Mimikyu, Cubone or any other Pokémon, being Pokémon GO and the event Pokémon the ones that differ more than any other. And under this premise, it seems that both concepts have come together.

Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle as if they were symbiotes

Given this, it must be said that the Reddit user named scrazyone1 has recently shared on the social network what kanto initials would look likeBulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle, in the event that a symbiote joins them, giving rise to this that we can identify different elements of this species in these Pokémon.

In this way, we can see that they have the white and slanted eyes typical of the symbiotes, along with a long tongue, sharp fangs, among other points. Of course, we must bear in mind that the color purple comes from Venomsince this same character is the only one that has the spider symbol on his chest, this being one of the proofs of the union that this symbiote had with Spidey during the 90s:

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It will be necessary to see if this artist is encouraged to continue adapting other Pokémon with this peculiar design, but we cannot deny that it has left us wanting more. Having said all this, it should be noted that Pokémon is still on the crest of the wavesince, far from leaving a year of rest after Arceus Pokémon Legends, at the end of 2022 they will arrive at the Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Purple stores.

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