Netflix already has some video game on its platform and today we will tell you how you can play from your app.

The streaming platforms They have managed to gain the preference and trust of users to consume audiovisual products, whether for entertainment or even educational purposes (especially in times of pandemic). Despite this, today we can find different companies that are constantly in dispute to win over viewers, however, there are some that manage to predominate in terms of traffic and number of subscribers.

According to the study of Statista Regarding the popularity of streaming platforms, Netflix is ​​“the king of streaming”, Prime Video is in second place, Disney + in third, HBO in fourth and Apple TV in fifth.

With the population having a high demand for streaming services, Netflix has managed to stand out over other platforms since, in addition to their content, they are carrying out marketing strategies that manage to capture the attention of their consumers, such as the integration of video game on their platforms.

This is due to the fact that there is a wide market that is interested in video game; Statista mentions that this industry has registered constant growth over the years, anticipating that during this 2021 it will record profits of 138.4 million dollars, so the streaming giant has not hesitated to join this market.

Among some video game that are available on the platform are some of its most recognized series, and surely with the passage of time we will continue to see new deliveries and updates that will allow us to spend many hours of interactive entertainment.

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Between Netflix video game catalog that you can play are: Stranger Things 3: The Game, Shooting Hoops, Card Blast and Teeter Up.

Today we will tell you how you can play the Netflix app video games, which you can enjoy in the company of Misik, who have a wide catalog of sound products that will allow you to live a complete experience and get as deep as possible in their video games, in addition to their series and movies.

  1. The first step to play Netflix video games is to enter your mobile application, where you can press the games tab located at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Later, a list with different videogames available will appear, where you will be able to appreciate the “trailers” of these, as well as their descriptions; You can click on the game you want to install or about which you want to find out more about it.
  3. Then you will enter its descriptive file with images and videos so that you can see if they convince you, and then press the “Download game” button that will appear at the top of your screen.
  4. Then the application will send you to the store to be able to download and install the video game from there.
  5. After this, you already know the steps, enter the video game and continue enjoying the content that Netflix brings to you with its recent entertainment alternatives.

Now you know how to download and play the video games that Netflix has for you, thanks to Misik.