Mirikashi cosplays Rosaria from Genshin Impact

Mirikashi cosplays Rosaria from Genshin Impact

We are a few months away from Genshin Impact turning two years old and in this time the game has become one of the most famous free-to-plays, as its popularity goes beyond video games thanks to fan arts and cosplays. Among the most talented cosplayers who have played characters in Genshin Impact is Mirikashi, who became Rosaria.

Mirikashi is a New Zealand cosplayer who has only been on the scene for a short time but has gained great popularity thanks to the quality of her work. A few months ago Mirikashi showed us her Rosaria cosplay for the first time, surprising her fans who are also Genshin Impact fans.

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Although Genshin Impact is a very popular video game and we have seen a lot of cosplayers play its most well-known characters, but Rosaria is not one of those characters. Since not many cosplayers have become Rosaria compared to others, Mirikashi’s cosplay surprised her fans the most.

The first time we saw Mirikashi in her Rosaria cosplay was in February of this year, but in the coming weeks she shared several photos wearing her costume in different versions and locations, always with a positive reception from her followers.

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Mirikashi’s first Rosaria cosplay was with an alternate version of the character, as it does not follow the exact appearance she presents in the Genshin Impact video game. Mirikashi’s version is Rosaria Maid, although the truth is that her costume is not too far from the original thanks to her colors and design.

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On the following occasions when Mirikashi shared photos in her Rosaria cosplay, she did so in a nun version but also more revealing. This version was received even more positively by his fans, who apparently didn’t mind that he took creative liberties to offer fan service.

If you like cosplays of Mirikashi as Rosaria from Genshin Impact, I invite you to visit her social networks, as she is not the only character of the gachapon that she has played. In the meantime, I invite you to see her Ankha cosplay from Animal Crossing, inspired by the viral video.