Mira_Ladovila and her cosplay of Princess Kitana, Mortal Kombat

Mira_Ladovila and her cosplay of Princess Kitana, Mortal Kombat

Among many cosplayers in the world, there is a girl who is gradually making her way.

It was browsing Instagram, that we noticed that there is a model that showed great cosplay works in her photographs, and as we have mentioned before, all the artists of the medium deserve that their works be shared and admired.

That is why, when finding a girl named Look, whom in the social network you can find how mira_ladovira, who apparently resides in Canada and offers interesting jobs.

In his official account, he already has more than 34 thousand followers, and from what we notice most of his works are focused on video game cosplay.

On this occasion, we will show you the artistic work that he gave us, making a spectacular cosplay version of Princess Kitana, a femme fatale, daughter of the kings of Edenia.

A girl who has evolved in each of the deliveries of Mortal Kombat, but his fatalities do not.

This powerful girl has managed to be transmitted through the photo session that Look has given us, since she paid attention to each of the details and favorite positions of the girl from Mortal Kombat.

With a collected hair and with two long chopsticks on the top of his head, the suit in pieces, black gloves and protections on his arms with all the details similar to a samurai.

With her emblematic stockings open at the top of her thighs and of course, the two large fans with sharp knives on their edges, the assassin looks spectacular.

This is how the beautiful cosplayer. faithfully shows us how it should look Princess Kitana, in real life.

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We hope that this spectacular cosplay has been to your liking, we will continue uploading interesting content from this and other cosplayers, continue on eGamesNews.