Minecraft is developing a very big update that will radically change the generation of the world. The update 1.18 It has been divided into two trial versions known as Caves & Cliffs: the first part could already be enjoyed and now you will have the possibility to enjoy a second part that will be available at official client and you can download it from there.

After seven Experimental Snapshots, builds that you download and are in the process of development, both developers and fans are somewhat satisfied with the current state of the generation of worlds. However, there are some performance issues that developers will fix in future releases.

Try Minecraft 1.18 with all its news

Mojang has shared through its official website the complete list with the changes, which you can consult and expect more snapshots that continue to introduce and adjust new functions in the period before the final release of 1.18. This it’s not the first chance to be able to test the news of the update 1.18. However, until now they have only been available as part of the Experimental Snapshots versions and now players can have fun from the official pitcher, Although it involves the creation of a new world, which Mojang is already working on a suitable solution.

If you have missed all the previous Experimental Snapshots for Minecraft, since they are given on a public test server, don’t worry because the new world generator is here and will create more realistic environments that change smoothly from one biome to another. In addition, it also incorporates new biomes such as caves, groves, high peaks, snowy slopes or mountains, among others.

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Of course, that’s not all, but the full list has more than 50 items and there will probably be even more new features, fixes, and improvements. We have to wait for the full inventory until the event Minecraft Live October 2021. If you play the title, in 3DJuegosGuías we have a list of guides that will help you to introduce you to this construction sandbox.