Midoriya’s return to My Hero Academia approaches | Atomix

Midoriya’s return to My Hero Academia approaches | Atomix

After several weeks focusing on the Todoroki family, it seems that the manga of My Hero Academia he’s finally ready to introduce us once to Midoriya. During the last panels of the most recent chapter of this work, we finally saw our protagonist once, who is heading to a rather complicated battlefield.

The last time we saw Midoriya in the manga My Hero Academia, our hero had been kidnapped by Himiko Toga, who confessed her love to him on the battlefield, but also spoiled the plans to stop Shigaraki. Nevertheless, Deku managed to escape from this love conflictand began his journey to the stage that belongs to him.

Now, during the last panels of chapter 357, you can see Midoriya on his way to the battlefield against Shigaraki, but unexpectedly, the first user of One for All appeared, warning our hero that something bad is about to happen. This warning comes moments after we saw All for One with a mysterious new face.

What does this mean for history? At the moment we do not have an answer. Let us remember that the manga episodes of My Hero Academia they can be read for free and in Spanish every week on the Manga Plus site. In related topics, it confirms how terrifying All Might can be. Similarly, here you can check the new art of the manga.


Editor’s Note:

Considering the state of the story, it’s likely that this latest arc won’t come to an end this year. Perhaps in the first months of 2023 the story will end, but in the state it is currently in, I doubt that in 2022 we will say goodbye to Midoriya and company.

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