Microsoft would work on a portable console with Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft would work on a portable console with Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft’s strategy has long been to expand its Xbox platform to as many devices as possible, mainly thanks to Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming. However, it appears that Microsoft is considering taking the next step and launching a handheld console dedicated to cloud gamingcomplementing the Xbox Series X|S.

Yesterday Jez Corden from Windows Central appeared on the Iron Lords Podcast, where she speculated that Microsoft was preparing a handheld console dedicated to Xbox Game Pass through the cloud. This new console would work with the new Keystone operating system, the same one that they would use for the recently rumored devices.

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According to what Jez Corden believes, Keystone It is not the name of the device that we reported at the end of May, but of the operating system that Microsoft prepares for that device. Because of this, Keystone OS may be used on other devices to play Xbox Game Pass via the cloud from anywhere.

In early June, Microsoft announced that it would launch an Xbox Game Pass application for Samsung Smart TVs, which would allow us to enjoy more than 100 games through the cloud directly on our TV, without the need for an Xbox console.

It is unknown if the new portable console could run certain games natively or if it would be dedicated entirely to cloud gaming. In any case, it is clear that Microsoft sees great potential in Xbox Cloud Gaming, as it recently announced that in the future we will be able to play titles from our library through the cloud even if they are not in the Xbox Game Pass catalog. Of course, to access this benefit it will be necessary to have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

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