For years, PlayStation and Xbox have forged one of the most powerful rivalries in the history of the video game market. However, that does not prevent that between Sony and Microsoft there are also some casual demonstrations of recognition. Such was the case with Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, who praised the PS5’s DualSense controller and acknowledged that they could be inspired by him to update the X | S Series controller.

During an interview at Kinda Funny Gamecast (via VGC), the manager acknowledged that currently they do not plan to launch important accessories for their platform. But he opened the door to a redesign of the Xbox controller, taking into account that it has not received major changes with the launch of the X | S Series. At least not at the level of the review that Sony did with the PlayStation 5 DualSense.

“We are definitely thinking of different types of devices that can take more games to more places. There is some work that we will probably do on the controller. I think Sony has done a good job with their controller and looking at some of that we think there is things we should do, “explained Phil Spencer.

This does not necessarily mean that Microsoft is already working on a new controller for the Xbox Series X | S, but it does mean that there are great chances that in the future receive more than just a cosmetic upgrade or minor enhancements “under the hood”. Let’s remember that when Sony changed its historic DualShock for the DualSense, it not only bet on an aesthetic renovation and ergonomic improvements. The PS5 controller has incorporated adaptive dynamic triggers and haptic feedback, taking the player experience to another level.

Xbox could update its controllers, but don’t expect other specific peripherals

Beyond opening the possibility for a review of the X | S Series controller, Spencer has again made it clear that don’t have other Xbox-specific peripherals in mind. In fact, the manager once again banished the possibility of creating virtual reality or augmented reality devices. However, he did not rule out that they work on a greater integration with Windows.

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“Right now we’re probably not in a place for custom accessories. We just look at what’s going on in Windows and elsewhere, and see if a unique opportunity comes up for us,” he said. Do you think it is a good idea for Microsoft to think about updating the Xbox controller inspired by the work done by Sony with DualSense?