Microsoft has required updates and other optional ones, including driver updates. Protagonists on other occasions for the failures that may have caused, again they are news when Microsoft announces that it pauses the release of these updates .

On paper, driver updates make it easy for all the components of our computer, all its hardware, to be optimized and updated to work perfectly with the latest versions of Windows. Updates that are now paused.

Pause but only temporary

Microsoft will temporarily pause driver updates on Windows Update during December

Microsoft has announced that starting in December 2020, it will temporarily stop the release of driver updates for components in Windows 10. This pause will occur if the OEM has not shipped the driver before December 3, 2020.

The objective of this possible interruption is none other than to guarantee that those drivers that we can later download to our computers through Windows Update, have been correctly tested and tested and in this way they ensure that the possible failures that may occur are the minimum possible.

That through Windows Update we do not have access to a specific driver, does not mean that these do not exist and in fact can continue to be purchased on the corresponding page of the manufacturer (it can be Intel, Nvidia or the brand of any other component) for later install them manually.

In addition, you can also use the “Device Manager” to locate the drivers that may be necessary at any time if they do not appear in Windows Update.

Therefore, in the next installment we will have access to the drivers that have been sent before December 3. These will be approved for deployment on Windows Update. Starting in January, the update rate will return to normal , without any restrictions.

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