• Will be able to call mobile directly from Windows computer.
  • Mobile notifications will also be found in computers.
  • Sharing photos will also be easier than before.

Microsoft has launched a new app. The testing of this app was already running under the Windows Insider program. Now you too will be able to call from a Windows computer through this app. I will also be able to receive calls. In addition to calling in Microsoft’s Your Phone app, many more features have been provided which will help in syncing Windows computers from mobile.

This app has to be installed on your smartphone. Through this, you will be able to call by searching for contacts. Apart from this, we will also be able to send text messages from here. It will also be easy to transfer images from computer to mobile. Not only this, but you will also be able to see mobile notifications on the computer.

Through this app, the company is working to better sync the mobile with the Windows computer. As of now, third-party apps have to be used to sync Windows computers from the mobile which is not secure.

The company was doing beta testing of Your Phone app for some time and select users were using it. Now it is ready and is also being released for common users. Microsoft has said in a tweet that this feature is being released for the public and now all Android users will be able to make and receive calls from Windows 10 computers.

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You will be able to find other information including the call history of the phone in Microsoft’s Your Phone app. To use your Phone app, you must have Android smartphone of Android 7 Nougat or above. You have to download Your Phone app from Google Play Store.

Windows 10 should be on the computer or laptop from which you are syncing your Android smartphone. It is also important to have Bluetooth support on the computer.