The leap that Microsoft Teams has made in recent months is incredible. Yes, it already had great recognition but, during these months it has come to dominate the business communications market. Now they want to facilitate meetings with first-rate speakers.

New Teams smart speakers for hybrid work

Meeting rooms were typically designed to facilitate collaboration in these rooms. Now that meetings are evolving, and the way we come together, meeting experiences need to be inclusive so that everyone can be heard and seen to facilitate their participation.

New Microsoft smart speakers can identify and differentiate the voices of up to 10 people speaking in a Microsoft Teams room. Thanks to their seven microphones, they accurately identify the voices in a meeting. With these speakers, participants can use the transcript to follow the meeting or find out who has said something. Whether we are working remotely or in the meeting room, we can see who has said what.

Microsoft Teams debuts two new smart speakers

Microsoft Teams debuts two new smart speakers

Of course, privacy and security play a key role in this. It cannot be that something so crucial for a company can be overlooked. So users are in full control and can turn attribution on or off whenever they want.

People expected smart speakers that could be used in more commercial use. But the application of these speakers in Microsoft Teams is surprising. We hope to learn more about it in future events to know its capabilities and its price.

Integration with Microsoft Teams is vital but, it would be interesting to know other qualities of these two speakers. What are its advantages and its behavior in meeting audio. Without a doubt, it is an ideal peripheral for meetings that evolves to adapt to Microsoft Teams and offer an application tailored to the popular application of the Redmond giant.