Microsoft renews two Rare IP’s

Microsoft renews two Rare IP’s

One of the most beloved video game development companies in the 90s was rarethis is due to the great quality that it gave with important video games such as Donkey Kong Country, Banjo-Kazooie, Conker’s Bad Fur Dayamong other games. And now, suspiciously, two of his franchises could return thanks to a property renovation.

microsoft has recently renewed two of the IPs of rare in the global brand database after years of inactivity. The first is that of Blast Corps, game released in 1997 for him N64. The second is long live pinataa franchise that was born in 2006 to Xbox 360being a simulator for creating piñatas that could fight each other and other actions.

It’s worth noting that this may just be a routine procedure, after all brands do this on a regular basis to protect their properties from those looking to steal the names. So it is very likely that new games of these franchises are not planned, something that could disappoint more than one fan.

Currently rare is working on his most popular game of the moment, Sea of ​​Thievesand at the same time, they are also developing the new franchise presented a few years ago, Everwild. However, these supposed games could be entrusted to another studio, since The Initiative is currently creating a new installment of Perfect Dark.

For now, everything is speculation with this type of trademark registration.

Via: gamerant