Nobody like Xbox when it comes to generating hype around their console controls.

With the new Xbox Series X and S platforms on the market for a couple of months, the Redmond company released the Robot White and Shock Blue controllers that are not only compatible with the latter, but also with Xbox One, PC ( Windows 10) and Android and iOS devices.

In order not to slow down the pace, Microsoft has now announced the new Pulse Red control, a control that will show off textured triggers and bumpers, a hybrid directional pad, button mapping and Bluetooth technology, specifications that are also present in the two controls that precede it.

Microsoft presents Pulse Red, the new Xbox controller

The Pulse Red sneak peek was given by Samuel BatemanXbox UK Marketing Lead, via a social media post in which he said the company was excited to introduce the latest Xbox wireless controller design.

He also announced that it will go on sale on February 9 and accompanied with a video preview that he complemented with a photo in the thread of his publication.

Later, it was Microsoft itself that formally presented the control through the Xbox official site, emphasizing that within the company they have the mission of offering new designs to fans year after year, and recalled that until now Series X and S feature Carbon BlackRobot White and Shock Blue.

The control is now available in the Xbox online catalog, under the clarification that its launch will be on February 9, 2021.

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It is also important to note that it will have the highest cost of the new generation Xbox controllers, since its price is $ 64.99, while Carbon Black and Robot White is $ 49.99 and Shock Blue is $ 54.99.

Microsoft presents Pulse Red, the new Xbox controller

The sale of flashy controls is a strategy that has always distinguished Microsoft, a company whose Xbox Series X will have displaced, according to Statista50 million units by the end of 2023.

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