If you’ve been using your Hotmail or Outlook email account on Android over the years, you’ve probably gotten tired of some applications that had a pretty bad design and sometimes didn’t even work well. A service that through Android was a bit sad and that finally, after years of waiting, the official Outlook application for Android has arrived today.

Created for both tablets and Android phonesMicrosoft promises that Outlook will help the user to carry out all their tasks with their favorite email from their mobile device. You will be able to manage all your emails and manage your inbox as you have been wanting for years.

Finally on Android

Microsoft: Outlook mail application to Android

If Microsoft has been launching different apps to Android in recent times, Outlook was the app that many users were waiting for its arrival. Although Gmail is the most used email right now, there are still many users who have their Hotmail email accounts, so this app is very welcome by all.

This delay has also allowed many users who used this email service to finally find Gmail as their favorite email account. Be that as it may, we already have Outlook on Android.

Optimized and well designed

Microsoft Outlook

First of all , the application offers swipe gestures for a quick deletion, archiving or scheduling of all emails. Something similar to what we found in Google’s Inbox. Another of its outstanding qualities is the incorporation of its own calendar within the application itself, which provides that the user can access reminders and notifications for events.

Without forgetting functionalities such as attaching files, filters in the inbox, quick search and many other features that are focused on speeding up the user when he starts managing his email account, be it Hotmail, MSN, Gmail. , Yahoo Mail, iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, and Office 365.

So if you are an Outlook user now you will find yourself at home with this official app launched by Microsoft for Android.

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