According to an analyst firm, Microsoft’s strategy of dealing with the new generation of consoles with two different machines could be confusing for users. While Xbox Series X is more powerful and will cost 499 euros, Xbox Series S is a more affordable entry range, 299 euros, but more limited in power. Of course, both will go on sale the same day, next November 10.

Despite being a movement that seeks to satisfy two well-differentiated targets with different needs, the analyst firm DFC ensures that these two opposing strategies for each console could generate some confusion for consumers. “Project Lockhart, now the Xbox Series S stunt, smells like a late-breaking Hail Mary from Microsoft to lure consumers about the price,” he said (via VideoGamesChronicle).

From the firm they see it contradictory that Microsoft had a speech focused on promoting Xbox Series X as the most powerful console in the world to suddenly announce a more limited version at a lower price. Similarly, according to the firm, Microsoft let the rumors outweigh the official version, creating confusion between professionals and the public.

“Consumer confusion is not a good thing for Microsoft in this case. Consumers now have the option of paying $ 300 for a second-class system or much more for the full product, $ 500. That strategy may work for an Apple iPhone, but a video game console is different .

Xbox Series X is one of the most desired consoles of the next generation.
Xbox Series X is one of the most desired consoles of the next generation.

Regarding the sale of hardware, the firm does not believe that Microsoft’s strategy focused on the cloud and Xbox Game Pass, which will include EA Play at no additional cost, will boost sales of a high-end console such as Xbox One X “Confirms how Microsoft, in its focus on a long-term digital strategy, has really given Sony and PlayStation 5 a huge advantage when it comes to hardware sales.”

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Instead, the bright side of the story is that Microsoft could better cope with a more than likely shortage of supplies on next-gen consoles as the Xbox Series S would be easier to build and ‘could give Xbox a Largest Initial Installed Base‘.

“Unfortunately, everything else is clearly in favor of the PlayStation 5. Microsoft lost control of the multimedia message and it seems that the PS5 will be the system for those who want to play new and exciting games,” concludes DFC.

In either case, Microsoft will launch two next-generation consoles for two very different audiences. Those who enjoy Xbox Game Pass and do not need the latest technology to play, and those who seek the best possible experience both in terms of graphics and performance.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will go on sale on November 10 at a price of 499 euros and 299 euros respectively.