Microsoft Flight Simulator is in one of the best moments since its release, with an imminent release on Xbox Series X | S. In addition, you continue to receive a lot of content in the form of updates, with the intention of polishing the experience as much as possible. And it seems that Asobo Studio’s plans for the future of the title will not change, since Microsoft Flight Simulator has helicopters planned for 2022.

Thanks to a post in the official blog of the title, Asobo Studio shows us in a list everything it has planned for the title, and it seems that the inclusion of helicopters is something they want to prioritize above all else, with a launch scheduled for 2022. Little else can we report on the inclusion of helicopters, and we will have to wait for the study to decide to give more information.

Microsoft Flight Simulator has helicopters planned for 2022

Microsoft Flight Simulator would have helicopters planned for 2022 2

Microsoft Flight Simulator is around 100 GB on Xbox Series X | S

As we can see from the list, the game will have support until 2023, something that will make all the users who continue to enjoy the title happy. Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available for PC, and on July 27 it will be for Xbox Series X | S, so that many users can join in this excellent flight experience.

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