A confusion that they intend to clarify once and for all.

Since some years one of the great services of the video game industry is the Xbox Game Pass, this being a program through which in exchange for a subscription payment users have access to more than one hundred games, either this on any of the Xbox consoles or on PC, although it must be clarified that there is a different service or bundle for consoles and PC.

Be that as it may, recently it became known that Xbox Game Pass would change its name in its version for PC, being now baptized as PC Game Pass, a curious move if we take into account the dissociation of the brand with this nomenclature but logical as this platform is not one belonging to the Xbox family. Nevertheless, we now have an official response to the reasons behind this name change.

PC Game Pass is a name that aims to avoid unnecessary confusion

It was Jason Beaumont who in an interview with ROG Global mentioned that calling it Xbox Game Pass for PC confused some users, since there is a portion that assumed that it was necessary to have an Xbox console to be able to play, giving this reason for the name change to be much more direct and clear. In fact, he has pointed out by way of anecdote that in Microsoft offices they already spoke of this service as PC Game Pass.

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In this way, despite the fact that apparently this can be detrimental by not creating a link with the brand, the truth is that under this argument at Microsoft they hope that those users with doubts will not have problems accessing the service on PC.

Having said all this, it must be remembered that this service, dubbed the Netflix of video games, has the peculiarity of have games that enter and leave your catalog every month, thus allowing us to already know some of the games that are added to Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass in January 2021, in the same way that others will leave in the following days. Take the opportunity to play the latter while you can

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