Microsoft today announced the launch of Edge 92, the latest version of its brand new browser that brings interesting news. As usual, those from Redmond wanted to highlight the most interesting features that brings this new version.

What’s new in Microsoft Edge 92

The first of these new features incorporated by Edge 92 has to do with the security. Microsoft has updated the password manager so that it now tells us if our password is strong enough. In addition, it will inform us if we are already using it on more websites and services.

The Edge team also wanted to highlight in the 92 release notes that the browser can work on our phone as a real password manager, allowing us to use our Edge credentials in all types of downloaded applications such as Instagram or Pinterest.

On the other hand Edge 92 now allows send screenshots to Collections. This is of great interest to those who are gathering information for an investigation. Whether this thing from school or work, the Collections are a great ally. Additionally, New Tab pages now incorporate the ability to rate items with an emoji.

Beyond Edge 92 the Redmond giant is also standing out the new shopping experience on the occasion of going back to school. Bing will take care of highlighting the offers for us and adding the relevant products by displaying the offers. In this way we will save time and money when it comes to organizing ourselves for the new school year.

Finally it also stands out the new Outlook extension for Microsoft Edge. This, as we already anticipated, allows us to see the emails from the address bar without having to access the Outlook web. This app has great potential since it allows us to perform quick actions without having to open the Outlook inbox.

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