Microsoft could increase Xbox Game Pass and Gold prices

Microsoft could increase Xbox Game Pass and Gold prices

Things could change quite a bit in a while for all users of microsoftmainly for all those who own consoles Xbox One or a Xbox Series S|Xsince according to reports that have been revealed, they indicate that a significant increase in the cost of Xbox GamePass and xbox live goldmonthly subscription services that microsoft offers its users.

You see, all this has begun to resonate on the networks, due to a new report that ensures that microsoft plans to remove the service from xbox live gold in favor of converting Game Pass Ultimateat the basic level of GamePasswhich could mean that the $15 version, that is, $297.89 MXN of Xbox GamePassit will become the most accessible or cheapest version.

So the current level would be replaced, which gives us access to xbox live gold it would increase with a cost of $5 dollars, that is to say $99.30 MXN per month, and it would go up to $15, that is to say $297.89 MXN per month, a quite drastic change. The report surfaced, after the journalist brad samswill comment on it as a leak, since it states that microsoft aims to combine the two subscription services into one service.

sams comments, that he believes that all this could be due to part of the changes when the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Xbox is completed, and comments the following: “I heard that Microsoft is considering how to increase the price of these services [Xbox Live Gold y Xbox Game Pass] to include Gold, so $15 a month is the new base, which means you get Game Pass and you also get Xbox Live Gold, and that’s the only level.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if when Microsoft closes on this acquisition of Activision, they actually raise the base price of how much it’s going to cost to get into their service.”concluded the journalist.

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This is not something official, they are just theories based on the comments that the journalist made based on the reports, since even if it is considered something official or confirmed, this could change as time goes by, since at the moment it is only about rumors and microsoft So far, he has not made any comments about it.