The commitment to 5G networks is being incredible by Microsoft. In the last year we have seen several purchases related to this sector such as Affirmed Networks and Metaswitch Networks. Now the circle is closed with the purchase of AT&T Cloud Networks Technology that also includes an agreement whereby Microsoft will boost AT & T’s 5G networks.

Microsoft bets big on 5G with the purchase of AT&T Cloud Network Technology

During yesterday it was announced that AT&T will move its 5G mobile network to the Microsoft cloud. AT & T’s 5G Core, the software at the heart of the 5G network that connects mobile users and IoT devices to the Internet and other services, will be the first service to move to Azure. AT&T will further bring your current and future network workloads to Azure for Operators.

Microsoft has announced that it will acquire AT&T carrier grade Network Cloud platform technology (the platform that powers AT & T’s 5G core network) and talent for further strengthen your 5G cloud technologies. In addition, Microsoft will acquire AT&T lifecycle management and engineering software. This is used to develop and implement a carrier-grade cloud running containerized or virtualized network services. Microsoft will make this platform available to other network operators through Azure for Operators.

Microsoft will assume responsibility for AT&T Network Cloud implementation and software development immediately and will bring AT & T’s existing network cloud to Azure over the next three years.

Azure for Operators, the new branch for networks

“AT&T has one of the most powerful global backbones in the world, serving hundreds of millions of subscribers. Our Network Cloud team has shown that running a network in the cloud drives speed, security, cost improvements, and innovation. Microsoft’s decision to acquire these assets is a testament to the operator’s leadership in network virtualization, culture of innovation, and realization of a telco-grade cloud stack »said Andre Fuetsch, AT&T executive vice president and chief technology officer. “The next step is to make this capability accessible to operators around the world and ensure that you have the resources behind it to continue to evolve and improve. And do it safely. Microsoft’s cloud expertise and global reach make them the perfect fit for this next phase. “

Azure turns over with a new opportunity, guarantee the necessary infrastructure to operators. A Cloud technology that will evolve and grow hand in hand with Azure and that will encompass the aforementioned acquisitions.

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