Microsoft continues with its legacy and mission of protecting the data of all its users and customers in the wide range of services it has, since it has recently been affected (along with other companies) by numerous ransomware attacks, originating from groups in Russia. Now, it has been revealed that Microsoft has acquired the cybersecurity company RiskIQ, together to avoid and increase the level of security against these types of threats.

through the middle The Verge, the well-known journalist Tom Warren has published the news regarding this important acquisition. In it, it is specified that RiskIQ will allow combating and protecting attacks mainly focused on Microsoft cloud services, AWS, local servers, and supply chain attacks. Although the value of this transaction has not been detailed by Microsoft, Bloomberg reports that the company would be paying $ 500 million for RiskIQ.

Microsoft Acquires Cybersecurity Firm RiskIQ to Protect Against Ransomware

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RiskIQ software is based on cloud services, detecting problems in networks and devices. Companies such as Box, the US Postal Service, BMW, Facebook, and American Express use this system to protect your data against ransomware. Microsoft Vice President of Cloud Security Eric Doerr commented (translated): “RiskIQ has built a strong customer base and a community of security professionals who we will continue to support, nurture and grow. RiskIQ’s technology and equipment will be a powerful addition to our security portfolio to better serve our mutual clients. ”

Although Microsoft has not detailed how it will implement the software at the level of its services, it is expected that all these benefits will come to Microsoft 365 Defender, Microsoft Azure Defender and Microsoft Azure Sentinel, to raise your security against ransomware threats one step further. In recent weeks, a sophisticated and planned SolarWinds hack targeted a large number of companies, including from Microsoft to US government agencies.

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