Michael Keaton explains why he stopped being Batman

Michael Keaton explains why he stopped being Batman

It has been confirmed that Michael Keaton will resume his role as Batman for the movie Flash, news that for many continues to sound like something surreal. Before it was officially confirmed, there were already several rumors about it, and now the 70-year-old actor has revealed why he decided to return to the character, and why he left it in the 80s.

In a new interview with Julia Cunningham as part of the podcast The Jess Cagle Podcast, Keaton explained that he “would not have been able to live with himself” if he had continued in the role.

“The first movie was a job. The second was a job that I liked. Then the third came and I thought this is not good, not good at all. I can not do this. It’s going to make my head explode.”

Similarly, Keaton explained that he did not want to get involved with everything that implies a role as important as Batman. That is, the comic book conventions and the rest of the events with the fans.

“If you don’t go to conventions you’re an asshole. It is a reality that exists, yes, and it is not that it is better or worse than that community, but I am very innocent.”

If he hated the role so much, then why did he reprise it for the DCEU? According Keaton, has faith that the movie will be good and thinks it could be a fun job:

“I thought, what will it be like? And by coincidence, when the rumors started, I got a call from Warner, they wanted to talk about something that seemed to be related to Batman. I read the script and thought, ‘It has to be good.’ There is no reason to do it if it is not good. It won’t really change anything. I joined and I’m going to have a good time. Why not? Andy Muschietti is fantastic and very creative, I don’t know, it’s going to be fun.”

It seems that the role of Keaton in Flash It will be more than a simple cameo, and the interesting thing will be knowing the dynamics that will exist not only with the character played by Ezra Miller, but also with the version of Batman from Ben Affleck.

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Flash hits theaters on November 4, 2022.


Publisher’s note: I think The Flash will have strong repercussions for the future of the DCEU. Apparently it will not erase what was built by Zack Snyder, but it seems that it could be a soft reboot for this cinematographic universe. We’re still almost a year away from seeing it, so we’ll have to settle for theories for now.

Via: The Jess Cagle Podcast

Michael Keaton explains why he stopped being Batman

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