Director Michael Bay is very proud that NASA is currently using something we saw in the movie Armageddon.

In 1998 it was released Armageddon, a science fiction film directed by Michael Bay and starring Bruce Willis, Billy bob thornton, Ben affleck, Liv tyler, Will patton, Steve Buscemi, William Fichtner, Owen wilson and Michael Clarke Duncan. It was a huge success, raising more than $ 553 million worldwide. The story centered on an asteroid that was going to hit Earth and they sent the best drillers in the world to prevent the extinction of life on the planet.

Now the POT has sent a rocket against the asteroid Dimorphos, hoping to alter its trajectory. The idea is to find out what would happen if the Earth were really in danger from a meteorite and the impact had to be avoided. So that Michael Bay wanted to comment on the situation:

“Our plan was not far from sending a ship to push it, whether it’s with a nuclear bomb or whatever, they just have to push it. They had a lot of things that we mentioned in the movie that were real plans on the table. “

Thank God they are doing something because these things (asteroids) are lethal. They come at 24,000 miles per hour, if I remember correctly, it’s a bang on the ground. “

The truth is that NASA’s plan contradicts what they explain at Armageddon.

The movie of Armageddon from Michael Bay has a scene where scientists from the POT and presumably the smartest people in the world say clearly that it is useless to launch a rocket against a meteorite, since you cannot change its trajectory like that. Since it is best to drill to the core and add a lot of nuclear bombs to make it explode from within. That is why you have to send to Bruce Willis that ends up sacrificing himself for all humanity.

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