Morris Garage is celebrating the second anniversary of the London Advanced Design Studio. For this he has presented a new project called MG Beyond. The design of a conceptual model that allows us to glimpse the future of the automotive industry. A future starring Artificial Intelligence, automation and electrification.

The London Advanced Design Studio launched by car giant SAIC, owner of the Morris Garage brand, is celebrating its second anniversary. They are key facilities since the designs for future MG models are born from them. On the occasion of these celebrations, a very interesting project baptized as MG Beyond.

MG He shows us his vision about the future of the automotive industry through this conceptual model. A future that will be marked by both Artificial Intelligence and automation and electrification. It is a futuristic project in which, in addition, the possibilities that the development of cutting-edge technologies grant to the world of tomorrow are analyzed.

The MG Beyond Concept has been created at MG’s London Advanced Design Studio

The future of mobility through the new MG Beyond

The technological and digital evolution in which we find ourselves also has its particular consequences and repercussions in the world of transport and the automotive industry. All this with the car in the spotlight. This futuristic vision of mobility makes the MG car evolve into more complex shapes that reveal advanced technological equipment.

One of the keys is aerodynamics, a critical factor for efficiency, comfort and experience. The exterior design stands out for combining classic shapes with elegant lines and flowing surfaces. In addition, a transparent cockpit is perfectly integrated so that passengers can observe everything around the vehicle while traveling silently.

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Curvilinear volumes surround the passengers. In the cabin, as can be seen in the images that illustrate this article, it has capacity for two passengers. The vehicle is equipped with an AI (Artificial Intelligence) that is fed through a “core” located in the front.

MG Beyond Concept - interior
Inside the new MG Beyond Concept, up to two passengers can travel

MG Beyond, a connected, autonomous and electric vehicle

The new MG Beyond is an autonomous vehicle and, just as important, a powertrain 100% electric. However, MG has not provided further details on this. This is a mere vision of the future, as there are no plans to bring it into production. It represents the creative and technical capabilities of the team working in the aforementioned advanced design studio.