“I would like us to have more than the five medals we had in Rio. Six medals could be a satisfactory situation because if they are achieved we would be in a better position than five years ago, but if more can be given, why not?” Garcia.
Mexico has already entered the fray in these Games that officially open on Friday, with a victory this Thursday 4-1 over France in the men’s soccer tournament and a loss on Wednesday

In football it is a very good result if not to say certainly spectacular, it leaves a very good taste in the mouth

“Let’s hope that with this start he can predict a very outstanding performance in these Olympic Games and, if possible, at the end of the day to get a medal, it would be fantastic,” said Garcia.

The head of the Mexican mission referred to the error in that encounter in the shirt of the player Erick Aguirre, who came out with the Mexican flag embroidered upside down, to affirm that “the print on that garment is not adequate.”

In Rio 2016, Mexico achieved 3 silver and 2 bronze medals.

“There are thousands of garments and one appeared,” added García, urging “to be much more attentive” when receiving the garments sent by the sponsoring brand and before using them.

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