The need for scientific communities to disseminate the results of research and report on scientific advances related to human health, led to the search for long-range means of communication. Hence, health-related magazines became a tool of interest to health professionals. However, the format has had to adapt to the passage of time, because technology forced them to migrate to the digital world, in order to reach a greater number of readers.

Above all, because the current trend is not only to leave the information in a few people, but, on the contrary, to generate a globalized communication. This is how electronic journals are designed with a more general purpose. In such a way, that not only professionals in the health sector have access, but also groups of researchers and avid readers of topics of general interest, can access much of the specialized information.

However, many of the specific models of medical journals are structured under a privilege court, where it is necessary to pay a membership to access the editorial and the articles that are periodically published. But, the abundance of diffusion means and the presence of specific technologies; on the internet, social networks, web pages and content marketing; They give visibility to articles that capture the interest of users on the network.

Quality content in Mexican magazines focused on the health area

We realize that Mexican magazines aimed at the health area have undergone a great transformation, thanks to the possibilities of publishing through media other than print. This is how we find magazines published by hospital institutions or government entities. But also, by universities, academies or medical associations.

  • In this way the magazine Gaceta Médica de México, the oldest in this country and spokesperson for the National Academy of Medicine, since it acts as the official communication body. Where since 1864 and up to the present, evidence in the letters that periodically publishes the scientific and medical contributions of great pioneers of clinical research.
  • Likewise, the Archives of Medical Research journal, published by the Mexican Institute of Social Security, since 1979. Where, quality content and current affairs on scientific issues are published. They include special collections such as the biomedical journal, medical journal, and public health and nutrition journal.
  • Likewise, the Surgery and Surgeons magazine, in force since 1933, appears as a representative of specialized editions that Mexican doctors can enjoy. Whose publications address issues of national interest that are supported by scientific evidence. Hence, specialists from different areas discover information on scientific advances, technology, protocols and professional ethics, in the same place.
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Articles of interest for clinical practice

It is clear that specialized medical journals published in Mexico seek to provide relevant information on medical practice, innovation and technology. Hence, they cover all kinds of specialties; ranging from orthopedics, pediatrics, and cardiology to nephrology, internal medicine, and rheumatology.