Metroid Dread Spirits Coming to Smash Ultimate

Metroid Dread Spirits Coming to Smash Ultimate

You will remember that when it was released Metroid Dread in October of last year, Nintendo celebrated by adding new spirits to Super Smash Bros Ultimate. This content was only available for a limited time, and in case you missed it, you’ll be glad to know that it’s now possible to get these spirits And yes, they are here to stay.

The Spirits of Samus, EMMI and Chozo Soldier they are already permanent additions to Smash so don’t worry if you don’t plan on playing this fighting title anytime soon. As you surely already know, Smash received its last update last month, so there will be no more content or Metroid Dread nor from any other franchise to the game.

These same spirits could also be obtained if you had the amiibo of Samus and EMMI, so there is a possibility that many people have already redeemed them through this medium, but if not, then you can also unlock them by playing.


Publisher’s note: It’s certainly sad to know that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will no longer receive new content in the future, but it’s even sadder to know that a new installment in the franchise will likely be years away, if ever. Let’s remember that Masahiro Sakurai, its director, will be taking a long break from video games, and we don’t know when he will return.

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