Being one of the most relevant titles for the end of this year in Nintendo switch, Metroid Dread is the return of Samus Aran to the classic style of the saga along with the story that began in 1986, thus giving rise to the title of the hybrid console will mean the closure of this story arc.

Map layout is vital to exploration

Knowing this, Mercury Steam has the difficult task to live up to both expectations and the saga itself, the design of the map being of vital importance within it, especially if we take into account the relevance of backtracking and the unblocking of new paths in familiar places. It is because of that The map has been the star of a new Metroid Dread development diary.

According to the development team, while the previous maps were based on mere rooms, in this case the Nintendo Switch title has various elements to show a variety of terrain within the mapping, this having a great importance since, according to the developers, the map is vital for a great exploration, this being one of the bases of the Metroid saga.

Regarding the improvements to the title, now we can place custom markings on the minimap, which will come in handy for those who discover something to which they do not yet have access. Likewise, at any time we can activate the minimap to see it on the screen, highlighting those icons that have our interest, including possible hidden secrets.

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As you can see, they have not fallen short with the new information around Metroid Dread, a title that is not only causing the games in its saga to increase their sales, but will also hit the market the same day that Nintendo Switch Oled is launched. Thus, on October 8 we will see the conclusion of this story.

▪ Release date: 08/10/2021

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