Mercedes has presented an update of its strategic electrification plan. The iconic brand will be in a position to sell only electric cars by the end of this decade if the necessary conditions are met in the market. It has announced new electric models, new platforms, improved batteries and a major offensive related to sustainable mobility.

An update of the strategic plan that Mercedes will follow to materialize its transition process towards electric mobility has been presented in society. The iconic German brand is aware of the measures announced by the European Union with the aim of putting an end to the combustion engine in the medium term, and therefore, car companies must adapt their roadmaps.

Mercedes envisions a 100% electric future and is in a position to continue playing the leading role that it has played to date in the premium market, being a global reference. Mercedes has announced new models, dedicated rigs, better batteries and the start-up of new production centers. An ambitious plan that will change the German firm forever.

Mercedes to introduce a large number of electric cars by 2025

Mercedes will be in a position to be a 100% electric brand in 2030

It is one of the announcements of the day. Ola Källenius, CEO of Daimler and Mercedes-Benz, has been commissioned to carry out the key announcements at this digital event. By the end of this decade. That is, facing the In the year 2030, Mercedes will be in a position to be a 100% electric brand. If market conditions are right (and this is key), Mercedes will be able to take the step to sell only electric cars.

On the other hand, the forecast with which they work at Mercedes is that electric cars will dominate the premium market in 2030. In any case, and to reach this goal in optical conditions, Mercedes will make a large investment in economic and resource terms logistics. It is necessary to increase and improve the product offering as well as current technology.

In the year 2025, Mercedes will offer a 100% electric alternative to each of its models. The Mercedes EQ range will be decisive in this regard. To the electric currently marketed (EQA, EQC and EQV) by the brand, new models that have already been introduced, such as the Mercedes EQB and the Mercedes EQS, will soon be added. In the short term, three new electric vehicles will be introduced, the Mercedes EQE and the SUV versions of the EQE and EQS, the latter will arrive in 2022. And it will precisely be in 2022 when the brand will have electric models in each of the segments where it is present.

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The new electric cars from Mercedes
Mercedes will offer a 100% electric variant for each of its models in 2025

The new platforms for electric cars from Mercedes

Mercedes has announced that in 2025 it will introduce three new platforms dedicated exclusively to electric vehicles. These are the MB.EA, AMG.EA and VAN.EA platforms. Architectures that will be crucial to materialize the product offensive that is on the agenda. Each of the platforms will be aimed at a specific market niche:

  • MB.EA. It will cover all medium and large passenger cars, establishing a scalable system as the electric backbone for Mercedes’ future portfolio of electric vehicles.
  • AMG.EA. It is the platform for high-performance electrics and will be used by Mercedes-AMG.
  • VAN.EA. An architecture to realize the full electrification of the Mercedes commercial vehicle range.

The AMG.EA platform will make it possible to realize the idea of ​​making Mercedes-AMG an all-electric brand. In addition, the future of the Mercedes G-Class and Mercedes-Maybach also passes through electric mobility. What’s more, the Mercedes EQG will arrive in 2024. In addition to these three dedicated architectures, Mercedes has also placed particular emphasis on the MMA platform for compact and medium vehicles.

Mercedes g class
The electric Mercedes G-Class will be a reality

The start-up of 8 Gigafactories of batteries and the development of electric motors

Developing a long list of electric vehicles is not enough if you do not have a key element. The batteries. It is because of that Mercedes plans to build eight battery Gigafactories that will be distributed throughout the world. One of them will be located in the United States and four in Europe. To know the location of the rest we will have to wait.

Furthermore, Mercedes will continue to develop and research in the field of battery cells with the aim of improving current technology. The launch of a modular battery system and it has even been confirmed that the brand is in talks with potential allies to venture into the field of solid state batteries. And in parallel to the production of batteries in large quantities, Mercedes will carry out projects related to the recycling of batteries once their useful life ends.

Regarding the 100% electric drive systems, at Mercedes they are determined to develop their own technology made “in house”. For this, the electric motor company YASA, whose headquarters is in the United Kingdom, has been acquired. With this agreement, Mercedes has access to unique technology and experience to develop internal electric motors, such as the eATS 2.0.