Mercedes-Maybach SL, the new super-luxury convertible that points to the Bentley brand

Mercedes-Maybach SL, the new super-luxury convertible that points to the Bentley brand

The new Mercedes-AMY SL will have its particular super-luxury alternative under the Maybach seal. Mercedes’ plans are to offer to develop an even more exclusive convertible that can take on the Bentley Continental GT. It is one of the launches included in the product offensive launched by the German company.

Mercedes has launched an ambitious strategic plan. A roadmap that includes, in addition to the launch of new models, dropping many others. All this under the premise of giving priority to the profit margin per unit sold over volume. The era of “Mercedes for everyone” is coming to an end. And proof of this is one of the projects that has received the green light and that will soon see the light of day under the Maybach seal. A project whose protagonist is the new Mercedes-AMG SL.

The Mercedes-AMG SL has recently started its commercial journey in Europe. A model that bursts onto the scene boasting of history and that, for its new generation, is unapologetically committed to sportiness thanks to the signature of the Mercedes-AMG. However, Mercedes will take advantage of this development to add a model to its product portfolio that is capable of facing the Bentley Continental GT in its convertible variant. The Mercedes-Maybach SL will be a reality.

The new Mercedes-AMG SL will have a super-luxury variant under the Maybach brand

Mercedes-Maybach will incorporate a convertible vehicle into its range

Gorden Wagener, Head of Design at Mercedes, has published through his official profile on the Instagram network a very interesting preview of the future Mercedes-AMG SL under the Maybach brand. A brief preview that allows us to glimpse some of the keys to the exterior design. And more specifically the front of the vehicle. It will be in this part where the aesthetic novelties will be concentrated.

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The future Mercedes-Maybach SL will present a new fully chromed grille and, of course, will adopt the Maybach badge. An insignia that, in this case, has been printed on the hood of the vehicle. Wagener anticipates that the teaser corresponds to a conceptual model. Therefore, we are not looking at the production vehicle. However, and as usual in these cases, it will be very close to the definitive model.

At the moment there are quite a few unknowns about the next release of Maybach. No details have been given about the mechanical section. However, and analyzing the mechanical offer of the Mercedes-AMG SL, and taking into account the future engines that will be incorporated into the range, it is not ruled out that the company will finally opt for the 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 petrol engine.

Mercedes-AMG SL
The new Mercedes-AMG SL is already on sale in Spain

An electrified Mercedes-Maybach SL is not ruled out

The reports currently available do not close the door to the new Mercedes-Maybach SL is an electrified vehicle. In a short time, plug-in hybrid technology (PHEV) will be added to the range and based on the fact that there will soon be a Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV, it is another option to consider.

Wagener accompanied the photograph published on social networks with the following comment: «A look at the Concept Mercedes-Maybach SL, which reveals more about the future opportunities of the most exclusive brand of our company. For customers who want a sophisticated luxury design and driving experience.”

The release date of the Mercedes-Maybach SL is also unknown. Now, we should not be surprised if it is presented before the year 2025.

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