Being a brand very well focused on electric mobility, Mercedes has with its A-Class 250e a vehicle corresponding to the category of plug-in hybrids. It is a model that, since its birth in 2020, has been seen as part of the most outstanding of the market and of those that have been selling the most. Although its price is still high, it has characteristics of the best. We know its technical data sheet.

It has often been seen how the major automotive brands have been playing all the sticks of the new mobility. Whether they are electric cars, hybrids or plug-in hybridsManufacturers like Mercedes are those who have put one more gear and have opted to land on a variant that is still very important at the moment.

Specifically, we refer to the A-Class 250e with which the Stuttgart firm managed to make a very profitable place in the PHEV variant, the plug-in hybrid, which is among the most beneficial for the user. Both at the level of driving and technology and safety, this is related to its low consumption and its great energy efficiency.

Hence, it is models like this one from the brand of the star that have taken advantage of it, launching a car that in the past 2020 was chosen among the favorites of the users, ranking in the highest sales. As such, this becomes the natural evolution of the conventional Class A, one of the classics of the German house, now with better performance and very plausible mechanics.

In this way it reappears on the scene to complete the role left by others of the brand who have not known how to dazzle as they promised, this in cases such as the Class C and E. Before this, a PHEV with powers that arrive up to 218 CV, top speeds of 235 km / h and autonomies in electric mode of 73 km / h, among the highest in the class. Very efficient and with great performance qualities, it is also very attractive. Its main rivals are the Volkswagen Golf GTE and the Audi e-tron.

  • Guy: plug-in hybrid (PHEV).
  • Year of production: 2020
  • Price: 42,000 euros
  • Capacity: 5 seats
  • Power: 218 hp/ 15.6 Kw
  • Acceleration: 6.6 seconds/ 100km / h


There is no doubt that Mercedes are always attractive. They may be more palatable or more charming than others, but each of them has a seductive image that is not found in other brands. And that the firm knows. That is why with this A-Class 250e they have not wanted to experiment too much and have continued to opt for a beautiful silhouette, with modern touches and a lot of presence.

Thus, the design language of Mercedes has been renewed in recent years, which in the A-Class has resulted in a youthful imprint, of front incisor and muscular proportions that is very solvent already from the access finishes, but that wins whole in the superior versions like this plug-in hybrid, coming to exude sportiness from every corner.

Yes indeed; under no obvious circumstances that it is an electrified one. The only clues to this are the EQ Power logos on the front wings, the letter ‘e’ that accompanies the model name on the tailgate and the cover that hides the charging socket, located on the other side of the one that gives access. to the mouth of the fuel tank. With a lot of image, a predominant sportier aesthetic, as evidenced by its renewed front grille.


As we have mentioned, this Mercedes A 250e is the next generation of the characteristic A-Class that has accompanied the star brand throughout recent years. Born in 2020, it appears today as the most pretentious step forward, and what options it does not lack, especially in the electrified branch.

Exterior Mercedes A 250e

With everything, and beyond your previous combustion concept, with 224 CV of power, turbocharged and composed of four cylinders and two liters of displacement, we have another alternative version. It’s still a plug-in hybrid, but it lends itself as the family-friendly sedan variant.

We talk about the also known as Class A Sedan, which has a three-volume body and a drive scheme that is composed of a 1.3 petrol engine with turbo and an electric one integrated into the housing of the 8G-DCT dual-clutch automatic transmission and powered by a 15.6 kWh battery liquid cooled. In this the total power is 200 hp with a range of 75 km.

On the other hand, on the one that concerns us, we have the main version. This is the 250e, which presents a different motorization, this time with a power of 218 hp and an autonomy in electric mode of 73.

Motor and batteries

Entering fully into the technical specifications, we see how it also adopts EQ Power technology and joins the rest of the models available with this type of mechanical alternative with low emissions and Zero label (S, E, C, GLC and GLE). All in all, it settles for an EQ Power hybrid engine from the compact A and B.

It combines a 1.4 four-cylinder gasoline (158 hp) with another electric (121 hp) coupled to the gearbox, achieving between them a combined power of 218 hp. Likewise, its true differential fact is found in that the capacity of its battery pack is higher than that of other plug-in hybrids.

We refer in particular to their 15.6 kWh with a battery pack that is necessarily bulkier, and heavier, but also offers a more comfortable electric range. And this, without a doubt, is key in a car like this. The more kilometers we travel in electric mode, the better we are going to get from a plug-in hybrid. And the more autonomy it offers us, the more kilometers we will be able to travel without stopping to recharge the batteries.


Based on this, there is a key aspect. And it is that, in detention of these engines, the car will deliver a lower or higher consumption. Thus, the balance of energy consumption (gasoline-electric energy) clearly varies depending on the state of charge of the battery.

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Mercedes A 250e

The lowest cost per kilometer is achieved by doing the greater number of kilometers with the battery charged, as long as it is charged using an economical rate. The power socket is on the right side of the body and the gas socket is on the left.

As Mercedes herself explains, this A-Class 250e achieves about 73 kilometers with an average consumption of about 1.3 l / 100 km and 19 kWh / 100 km. It does it in the same way in the city as on the road. In this way, with this autonomy, many drivers will be able to make their daily trips without spending a drop of gasoline, or in the most extreme case with a negligible consumption of gasoline.

Interior and finishes

And if you liked the look and its exterior design of this PHEV, wait to see its interior. As we say, Mercedes is not a brand that risks too much, but when it seeks to provide an extra to the driver, it does so in the best way. This is how we see it throughout the cabin, from the driver’s position, which exemplifies a very wide comfort and convenience, passing through the co-pilot as well as the rest of the rear passengers.

Interior Mercedes A 250e

Therefore, we have to say with him that it has a more than good habitability. It follows the line of its predecessors, but this time with modern and highly technological touches that make us discover it as a car at the latest avant-garde. In any case, the plug-in hybrid only takes its toll in the trunk, and although the Teutonic manufacturer has managed to save more volume for luggage than in other PHEVs in the segment, the 310 liters of our protagonist will be fair in trips, and more if we compare them with the 370 of a Class A with a gasoline engine.

The space is finished off with a great quality finish with different equipment specifications, although beyond the standard they are all classified as Premium. As in the other Class A, it has 10.3 inch screens, touch in the case of the infotainment screen.


As is normal for the Stuttgart brand, the vehicle includes two extensive equipment. It highlights the aforementioned Premium, with its upholstery one of the most favorable aspects of it. On the other hand, if we wish, we can opt for a leather upholstery, in the purest AMG style, the sportiest division. It will be there where the cabin is even more striking.


With it we can enjoy driving in its most comfortable expression. They are about two upholstery packages which adds an elegant finish to the equipment of the line, in the same way that happens for the A-Class. If we choose the second package (the most expensive) we will have two-color leather seats and the decorative stitching on the instrument panel.

In its standard equipment We will also have 19-inch alloy wheels, carbon fiber inserts and adaptive cruise control. Everything, in addition, of others that as a whole can raise the price of the vehicle to touch 50,000 euros.

Additional features

In turn, and in conjunction with the two equipment lines, what we see is that it integrates some extra options to further complement the car. Among them is the blind spot assistant that alerts the driver of the presence of other users on the road.

When the car is stationary, a light signal is activated in the mirrors as an alert. While on the road, you can step in and automatically apply the brakes to avoid impact. If we look at it from the Premium, we also have the possibility of equipping the MultiBeam LED matrix lighting, although only with it the price of the vehicle is increased by € 578 more.

As you can see, Mercedes has been able to adapt to all preferences. This has been done because, in addition to being able to choose touch controls of the rest of the equipment (screen, multimedia system …), we can control it physically. This will be both on the dashboard and for the center console and for the steering wheel.


While today’s cars they are usually very reliable, in the case of electric and plug-in hybrids they are even more so. The reason is because they do not need as many liquid and mobile elements as conventional ones do, in addition to the fact that their interior scheme is much simpler.


This means, in the same way, that its maintenance is less and, in most cases, considerably cheaper. All in all, Mercedes estimates that the service battery of this A 250e will be changed every four years, while in the gasoline or diesel versions it is not a component with a preset life.

This is also seen with the change of the belt, which is shortened from 120,000 to 90,000 km or 6 years. The rest of the components have very similar interventions programmed and there is no maintenance marked for the electric propulsion system. Diesel does schedule, although in the very long term, more complex interventions, such as replacing the timing belt or checking the particulate filter.


In the case of the warranty of this car, the firm tells us that we can be up to two years covered, to the minimum of what the law indicates. It is a philosophy that is the same with the rest of the cars in the house, in addition to an extended warranty that covers the high-voltage battery. As such, where they do extend is in the 5 years of roadside assistance.

Where appropriate, they do so with a five-year paint coverage and another for corrosion protection. Also included are 12 years of anti-perforation protection. This commercial warranty includes a further two years warranty on original spare parts and accessories. Additionally, if we change the tires in one of the brand’s workshops, we will obtain free insurance against punctures, breaks, deformations or blowouts.

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