Mercadona’s slimming pills under review: are they really effective?

Mercadona’s slimming pills under review: are they really effective?

Their marketing is very effective and it is inevitable that they will go unnoticed, especially if we are trying to lose weight. Mercadona’s encapsulated pills and supplements they make a lot of anti-fat promises, but not all of them are true. We analyze them at the hands of the experts of vitonicto save useless purchases and false hopes.

artichoke capsules

Mercadona Weight Loss Pills

The pack of 60 pills is in the parapharmacy area for 4.50 euros. The instructions recommend taking six pills a day spread over main meals, promising help when it comes to losing weight and burning fat. We deny: this is a myth.

The scientific basis for this promise is that artichokes are rich in cynarin, a phenolic acid that supposedly helps dissolve fat. But studies in this regard are insufficient, as confirmed by vitonic. We say yes to including artichokes in our diet because they are healthy and delicious, but not to do it in capsule form.

horsetail capsules

Mercadona Weight Loss Pills

This package of 60 capsules of 4.50 euros recommends taking six daily. His claim in this case it is prevent fluid retention, one of the big problems when it comes to losing volume. Horsetail is normally taken as an infusion, but we can also consume it in capsules with the herbs inside.

In this case studies do show its scientific effectiveness, because this ingredient increases the amount of urine we generate. Of course, it is important to remember that liquids are lost, not fat. It is also not suitable for use by people with blood pressure problems, kidney problems or pregnant women.

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fat burning capsules

Mercadona Weight Loss Pills

This fat burning promise comes in the form of 30 capsules for 3.95 euros, filled with red tea, guarana, cinnamon, caffeine and vitamin B6. All of them are stimulating ingredients that speed up your metabolism and your fat burning. In other words, the body gets a thousand and burns many more calorieswhether from what you have eaten or what you have stored.

these pills can be an effective dietary supplement, consumed with head and moderation. Because among its side effects is preventing your body from resting up on caffeine, especially at dinner time. In addition, to notice its effect it will be necessary to accompany them with a good diet and a healthy life.

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Capsules to get a flat stomach

Mercadona Weight Loss Pills

This food supplement based on fennel, chamomile, fiber and mint comes in a pack of 40 pills for 3.95 euros. Fennel and chamomile are known for their stomachic propertiesrelieving discomforts such as colic, gas or stomach aches.

If you add fiber to that to regulate intestinal traffic, you have some pills that yes they can flatten the belly, as long as this is due to digestive problems and not because of accumulated fat. In short, some of these encapsulated products can help us in our diets, but always accompanied by good exercise and eating practices.

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