Even if Valorant not as popular as League of Legends, Riot Games does not turn its back on the FPS. In this way, we constantly see changes to the gameplay and the introduction of new agents. This is the case with Neon, who recently starred in a trailer for this title.

Although at the moment there are still details related to Neon that need to be clarified, such as his arrival date to Valorant, the latest trailer for this game gives us a very good idea of ​​how this character will play. Those who are fans of this FPS will realize that Neon has greater mobility compared to other agents.

Along with her speed, Neon is a dualist, which makes her one of the favorite characters for all those who are focused on making the most deaths per game. Alongside this, the agent appears to have a unique double wall of smoke, which creates a thin tunnel of smoke that enemies will have to fight through. When creating a closed hallway, Neon will be able to easily force 1v1 situations and isolate opponents with line of sight control. Finally, his maximum ability appears to be a sustained fire damage ability with no recoil, which appears to destroy enemies.

Hopefully Riot Games will share more information related to Neon as soon as possible.. On related topics, KOI announces a new roster for Valorant. Similarly, here you can learn more about the new character of League of Legends.


Via: Riot Games

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Meet Neon, Valorant's new character

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