High-end smartphones are becoming less affordable for limited budgets. But the future of the industry seems to continue aimed at leaving the most robust and fun features in that range. Fortunately, MediaTek has just created an alternative that opens up new possibilities.

All thanks to its 5G Dimensional 720 SoC, specially designed for mid-range devices that will now be able to integrate these telecommunication speeds.

The Dimensional 720 is part of the MediaTek 5G family of chipsets where this variant mates perfect for powerful but not-so-high spec terminals:

The Dimensity 720 sets a new standard, offering feature-packed 5G experiences and technology to devices that are more accessible to mass-market consumers.

This chip is highly energy efficient, has impressive performance, and advanced display and imaging technologies. All of this will help brands introduce differentiated 5G devices to consumers around the world.

This is what  Hugo Simg, director of corporate sales for MediaTek for Latin America, points out in an official press release.

Broadly speaking, this 7nm chipset is integrated with a 5G modem that supports mid-range and some higher components.

For example, it supports displays with a range of up to 90Hz, ideal for gaming and streaming video applications.

It also supports dual cameras up to 64 MP and can even run AI functions with voice assistants if required by the smartphone manufacturer.

Additionally, it works with MediaTek’s UltraSave technology that optimizes SoC operation to extend battery life.